One sunny afternoon,

I was pedaling down a quiet street when I suddenly flew over the handle bar. Then, I was dragged down the street under the car, until the car died… and I survived.

Just one of many miracles in my life!

I also survived cancer in 1997 and 2003,

and I thank God for those life-altering experiences. I am so grateful that God helped me face my greatest fear, and that I put my life in His healing hands. And, despite my EXTREME sensitivity to chemicals and smoke, which developed after the bike-auto accident… 

I remain Joyful and Victorious!

I believe in miracles! And I believe God wants everyone to have a Joyful and Victorious Life!

God's Way to a Joyful Day


Help others discover the peace, joy, strength, and hope

that comes from God. This book contains powerful prayers and inspirational Bible verses, along with heartwarming photographs of the awesome world that God created. It also includes some of the author’s personal experiences, which give hope to those in similar situations.  God’s Way to a Joyful Day strengthens faith and inspires others to seek the peace and joy that come from God’s everlasting Love.

"At the end of your ropes?

Experiencing bankruptcy of the soul?  There is hope! 

The triumph of Kiernan's life journey is an inspiration that succeeds dramatically to strengthen the faith of others. Her book contains a banquet of wisdom, expressed thoughtfully and eloquently, and gives hope to one and all!”

Suzanne Sellars

Former Sunday School Teacher - Suicide Hotline Volunteer

Catholic Christian School Teacher in Harlem

"God’s Way to a Joyful Day becomes a very personal and inspiring

book that gives the readers many pastoral and spiritual nuggets to help them cope through the darkness… a simple testament of Kiernan’s life and how Christians should seek Christ in their loss. I hope you enjoy the insights, thoughts, grief counseling, and spiritual coping methods found in her book, and that you can apply them to your own unique situations and the “shocks” in your life.

Mark D. Moran, MA, GC-C, SCC-C

Assistant Executive Director, American Academy of Grief Counseling, AIHCP

"Those who have the opportunity to share this book will treasure it

And, I'm sure they will pick it up many times in their lives, and probably share it with others as they go through rough times!  It is a special gift!”

Carole Ruland, Mission Helpers of the Sacred Heart - Hospice Chaplain 

God's Awesome Healing Power


To prepare your body, mind, and spirit for God's awesome healing power, this book is a great gift.

There are Bible verses to strengthen faith! Uplifting photos that reveal God's beautiful creation!

From healing the sick to raising the dead, our Savior gives us every reason to believe in miracles


May we always take time to see them.