Behind the School Wall


In 2005, I left my school counseling position

for health reasons, and I began writing a book to empower young people and their loved ones.  It was the perfect way for me to remain connected with students, and to continue to empower them. It was also a way for me to raise awareness about the challenges they face in this rapidly changing world, and to encourage everyone to support their efforts to lead a fulfilling life.

When I wrote "Behind the School Wall..."

the characters led the way.  One after another, the characters came to life on my computer screen and their stories truly amazed me.  They were composite sketches of thousands of stories I heard when I was working in the schools, and all the things I witnessed behind the school wall.

Just like the characters in my stories,

I know that many of you are hurting and feeling alone. You are struggling to find answers and to plan for the future. Some of you are feeling so overwhelmed that I am amazed that you made it through another day.

But I know you!

I have seen you tap into a source of inner strength, to reach out, and to believe.  I have seen you maintain hope when hings seemed hopeless, and to be strong when things went wrong.

You are truly remarkable!

No matter where you live, no matter what your circumstances, there is hope.  

You are ALIVE!  There is still time to make choices that will lead to a quality life  

This is the perfect time to get on The Joyful Road to Victory!



"Barbara Kiernan is an inspiration

to today's teens, as well as to their parents and mentors...  After reading the first few pages, I was in tears… This book is real – the author puts on no pretenses – her intention is that we all have healthy and meaningful lives!”

Sally Gelardin, Ed.D., NCC, DCC 

Career Counselor, Educator, Author “The Mother-Daughter Relationship”

“Behind the School Wall is a most creative

and inspiring book to empower older students, parents and educators…”

Doris J. Rapp, M.D., F.A.A.A., F.A.A.P. 

Author of “Our Toxic World:  A Wake Up Call”

“This book is such a great resource

for teens, parents, and teachers.  It encourages us to think about, and really question, what we do and feel….”

Wendy Roy


Author, “You Know You’re a Glam-Granola Girl If…”

“Through compassion and an obvious love

of her students, she has been able to skillfully document the lessons that they learned the hard way, so that other adolescents may benefit.  Barbara Kiernan is a truly amazing woman.”

Carmen Arriola, M.D.

Physician & Author, Holistic Medicine & Natural Healing

“I applaud Barbara J. Kiernan

for making this book of stories and resources available."

Renee Ward, Founder – the #1 job hunting website for U.S. teens

“…Behind the School Wall…

is filled with Barbara's first-hand experiences... and provides a forum for parents, educators and counselors to discuss relevant situations with teenagers.”

Anita Reid, Founder

“…It is time to return to an attitude of careful observation,

rational thinking, and the willingness to take necessary actions, both individually and in unison with other concerned people. This is the attitude which I believe Barbara J. Kiernan is demonstrating in her book.”

Ronald Wempen, M.D.

Fellow of American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Education World Wire Side Chat

An Insider's Look at Students' Lives, April 4, 2007

"As a school counselor, Barbara J. Kiernan got an inside look at the complex issues with which teens cope. Using composite characters, she wrote a book about those issues to let kids know they are not alone and to give insight to teachers about students' lives."

Ellen R. Delisio, Editor, News & Features

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