Barbara J. Kiernan, BCC - Empowering Coach Services

Compassionate * Empathetic * Resourceful

      Celebrate Ethnic Diversity and Unity

          Culturally Aware World Traveller

             Lived and Worked Overseas

                        Lifelong Learner


Credentials and Education

  • BCC     = Board Certified Coach
  • GC-C    = Grief Counselor
  • NCC     = National Certified Counselor

  • NCSC   = National Certified School Counselor 
  • SCC-C  = Spiritual Christian Counselor
  • Community College Counselor, CA
  • School Counselor, Pre-K-Adults, CA and NY
  • Teacher of the Handicapped, K-12, NJ

M.S. Ed. in Counseling | B.A. in Psychology & Sociology

Barbara's Career Path

With a passion for empowering others, Barbara volunteered on a suicide hotline and taught English in Chinatown while she held full-time clerical jobs and attended FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) at night in New York City.  She also loved to immerse herself in other cultures, and travelled extensively throughout the world.  From high school graduation until she got married and moved overseas, Barbara made the most of every moment.

When she lived in Micronesia, Barbara volunteered at a shelter for runaway teens, tutored at the Juvenile Justice School, taught secretarial courses, and wrote newspaper articles while she completed her Bachelor’s degree. 

After graduating from the University of Guam, Barbara devoted full time to empowering and advocating for others in the following positions: 

• School Social Worker for the Special Education Department

• Special Education Teacher at a Vocational High School

• Job Coach for a Summer Youth Program

• Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for teens and adults

At midlife, Barbara returned to the United States to complete a Master’s degree at Fordham University, got divorced, and then she empowered over 10,000 students on their Road to Victory. From career awareness, exploration, and planning activities to assistance with college and job applications, resumes, interviews, and personal issues… it was a great privilege to be a Secondary School Counselor. 

After leaving the public schools in Southern California, Barbara wrote a book to empower young people and to raise awareness about the challenges they face behind the school wall. Then, Barbara earned various Counseling and Coaching credentials, wrote SEO content for a marketing firm, and was a Career Coach for students and alumni of the University of Phoenix.  She also fell in love, got married, and moved from the magical seashore to the magnificent Rockies with her husband. 

Today, Barbara is offering her Empowering Coach Services to those who are ready to get on The Joyful Road to Victory.